The Hillsborough Independent Panel has uncovered evidence that the serious over-crowding in the central pens in 1988 prompted one fan to write to the FA to complain. Comments in the letter … “The whole area was packed solid to the point where it was impossible to move and where I, and others around me, felt considerable concern […]

Hillsborough survivors needed for interviews

I am looking to interview fans who were at Hillsborough, and specifically those that were towards the very front of pens three & four. These interviews are video-based, and are for use in my documentary about the real truth of the Hillsborough disaster, which will be released after the Independent Panel release their report. The […]

Steve Rotheram MP

I interviewed Steve Rotheram today, MP for Liverpool Walton, for the documentary. Steve gave an emotional and speech in the house of Commons last month, in which he called for full disclosure of all papers to the Hillsborough Independent Panel. Most of the interview will be held back for the documentary, but I have released […]