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  1. Just been hypnotised by this, OMG about time too, well done Mike Nicholson, may the truth prevail and we get justice for our 96, YNWA x

    1. Just a thought do you know why the pen was put up in the first place it was empty for most games to stop fans throwing at the goal keeper which was happening a lot but when erected it stopped the safe dispersal of fans by using 3 entrances so when erected it should have had a safe number for the pen and monitored lick you would a dance hall so does this look like design or safety issue by the way we were at the game and many more as s w supporters good look john

  2. The truth will soon be known and with Suff like this Mike it can’t fail to make “people’ think then think again… we have ALWAYS known THE TRUTH Well done Mike Y . N W. A. 😉 X

  3. hello mike…as a survivour from that fateful day would be more than happy to contribute in any way i can.ive gone n record after doin`the l.f.c tv one ,along with the christian spooner one i wouldnt do any more….but almost feel like its my duty..many thanks..ynwa,96.

  4. Just read this and wonder if Mr Duckenfield contacted you at all. Will be interesting to see if there are any developments after the revelations of today !!

    1. Duckenfield is too much of a coward for that, he will have to be dragged into court. no respect for the 96 at all.

      well done Mike.

      as a Sheffielder working as a taxi driver that fateful day all I can say is the Liverpool people I moved around in my cab (for free) were decent sober honest folk who deserved better from the people who were supposed to manage their safety.

      The SY Police Commanders of 1989 are a disgrace, perverting the course of justice is a serious crime – arrest them now.

      Duckenfield and his colleagues should be charged with 96 counts of corporate manslaughter due to professional negligence.

      RIP the 96, Justice is on its way !!!

  5. Hello Mike,Just to say that i was at a league cup replay s wednesday v chelsea previous to the disaster and was crushed against the wall to the left of the leppings lane turnstiles there was one mounted policeman who s attitude gave me the impression that this very frightening crushing was an almost weekly event and just par for the course to try to get several thousand away supporters through two or three turnstiles. i had a ticket for the seating above the standing area there was a turnstile labelled available for the seat ticket holders but it was impossible to get to it due to the crush or to even choose a turnstile. you either somehow got pushed towards and through he turnstile or were crushed, in my case i got in before collapsing, this area of the ground was indeed an ” accident”? waiting to happen.
    Chris McCauley, London.

  6. I have always had a degree of sympathy for the police there on that day and it appears that this was justified in that venue was vastly and completely inadequate for crowd numbers, someone who was not experianced was put in charge just few weeks before (turning his life around for the worst) so thanks for telling this side of the story. I remember watching the disaster unfold live on tv and wondering why when people were so clearly in distress, police response was so slow. But people do freeze under extreme pressure..
    I still find it hard to see sections of the ground that were not crowded in coverage, but this may be due to fact most filming shown is of the Lepping Lanes terraces.-so perhaps part two will deal with this.
    Did anyone do research/investigation into the number of fans there and possible overselling of tickets? or was this deemed to be acceptable level. It appears unlikey that fans would have turned up without tickets, as in the past had to undergo two ticket checks at that venue as clearly explained by the fans. Footage showing other terraces would demonstrate whether venue on whole over filled.
    My heart goes out to those who lost friends and family and the horrific nature of their deaths.I was not aware of the vilification of the victims, perhaps because I don’t read the Sun and have always felt they were victims of bad decisions/judgement by match organisers.
    I did believe the stories of drunk, unruly fans…which unfortunately was quite plausible given our history of football violence. I also believed fans turned up without tickets, but mainly because there seemed to be too many people …I look forward to seeing rest of your research/documentary. I don’t mean to cause offence by any of my comments , just trying to reflect how someone unconnected to the event observed things through eye of media.

  7. I believe Lord Leveson should continue his enquiry into the wrong doing in various athorities
    which deprived the victims families from the truth

  8. as an evertonian i can only commend both yourself and the families of the 96 who died for your tenacity and commitment to justice. we will always be enemies off the pitch but the one thing we share is that the ” truth ” of hillsborough would one day come out. that day draws nearer and nearer . living proof that we should never give up on what we believe is right. JFT 96.

  9. I am so pleased the Hillsborough Campaigners have at last got real justice , today i am still fighting my horrifice case involving innocent babies stolen by the state FORCED ADOPTIONS by the government 2003 -2008 pls pls expose this horrific case like David IKE has if you Google/youtube Maureen Spalek ,… thanks

  10. Australian Prime Minister has just apologised for the FORCED ADOPTIONS when is Tony Blair going to do the same for the liverpool mums who have and still will lose their babies to government adoption targets CHIEF CONS BETTISON was the officer who ordered the Unlawful Removal of my children off their grandmother i am so pleased the Hillsborough Campaigners got justice exposing this man for what he was, GOOGLE MAUREEN SPALEK and expose Child Trafficking in the U.K. and ALDER HEY HOSPITAL who today are still fabricating reports Ordered from the Top……

  11. Police and ground safety advisory group were told on 15 August that all vehicles in Leppings lane were not to be parked there anymore , coaches , police vehicles , public vehicles were parked all over the leppings lane end in regular basis on match days , at a hearing we had where we were told our business had to cease on leppings lane where we worked for the last few seasons and before us 25 years a catering trailer had been there , but as ground safety advisory group and police objected due to CCTV camera issues . This is double standards , we are so upset that a comment made by councillor Clive Skelton said the photo that police provided of Leppings lane had vehicles all over the road and that it was a Disaster waiting to happen , This is being ignored after all the press police are having with cover ups . Can you get this in the news ,
    Kind regards Martin judge

  12. Please could you amend the name of MARIAN Hazel McCabe so that it read correctly in the memoriam
    If anyone sees it spelt with an O Please contact the page and ask for a correction

  13. Hi mike saw our names on the contact list Rob jesse & paul noon as we were at the leeds v coventry semi, will leave my details below.

  14. Hello,

    When will the third part of the documentary be made available? At the time of the 25th anniversary I showed the first two parts to some of my (Spanish) students and they were very moved. We would all like to see the film in its entireity.

    Thanks very much,


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