The fans that came in behaved very well … none of them were drunk.

I am reading a lot from witness statements from the Hillsborough Independent Panel right now, because I am writing a book called Hillsborough in their own words which will be published in March 2014.

I can’t image how pissed off the South Yorkshire Police officer was who took this statement from a local off-licence worker. Just look at the gist of some of the questions, and how some of the questions follow the preceding question already assuming guilt!

The questions they asked (in so many words) were as follows.

Did people buy alcohol? yes.

Could you tell if they were Liverpool or Nottingham Forest fans? Both

Did fans steal from you, of so, estimate how much? Not to my knowledge.

Would you say these thefts were organised and planned? n/a

One of the last questions must have sent this SYP officer over the edge. The questions was:

Is there anything that you would like to add that you feel is vital to this judicial enquiry?

The fans that came in were behaving very well.
They came in and bought about two cans each which I felt
was a sensible quantity. None of them were drunk.

full statement:

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