Wonder if that ‘Leeds fan’ who attacked Kirkland at Hillsborough has any idea what happened in that exact spot, and why?

I hear today that a 21-year-old man has been arrested for the attack on Chris Kirkland which happened during the Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds United match at the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield on Friday.

As I watched the clip again on YouTube, I couldn’t help but feel sad about not only what he did but also the exact location in which he chose to act like that. Of all the grounds in England to misbehave, this felt the least appropriate, given what had happened in that exact spot before.

Years before this bloke was born, in response to people acting like him, football erected huge steel fences between the pitch and the terraces to keep people like him off the pitch.

Two years before this bloke was born, the area from which he ran was known as pen 4 because there was a 10ft high fence between the pitch and the fans, and lateral fences that split that terrace into pens. The area to the left of the goal to which he scurried back was knows as pen 3.

On the 15th April 1989, the penalty area he ran through would have been littered with bodies, both dead and dying. A terrifying crush caused by over-crowding occurred in the two enclosed areas behind the goal, and the fences that had been put up to stop idiots like that miscreant on Friday, meant that they couldn’t escape. They were literally crushed to death. 96 died.

In the area that he had occupied before his mindless act, people were having the life crushed from them 23 years ago.

I’ll no doubt be accused of being over-sensitive, but those fences were put up to deal with wankers like him and they were pulled down because 96 people died.

If you want to hear from people who were there on that day in ’89, then part two of my documentary can be viewed below:

3 thoughts on “Wonder if that ‘Leeds fan’ who attacked Kirkland at Hillsborough has any idea what happened in that exact spot, and why?

  1. Hi Mike
    There is no way anyone can describe this as a sensitive reponse on your part. Rather it is a vindication that the efforts made by people like yourself (and the thousands of others for whom justice has been way too elusive) is absolutely necessary.

    When I saw this today, the location was the first thing I thought of.

    Not only shall we never stop fighting for justice, we shall continue to ensure that a) history is not rewritten and b) that generations to come understand the causative elements of the tragedy and catastrophic incompetence and evidence suppression that followed.

    With love and respect to the families for whom today would have been yet another unnecessary invasion into their life.

    YNWA. JusticeForThe96.


  2. Spot on, keep up the great work, have to keep educating the general populace. This is a prime example of the kind of ignorant insensitive prick I’ve spent years arguing with.

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