Hillsborough – From Disaster to Deceit (Part two)

This is part two of a three part documentary. Please leave your comments by replying to this post once you’ve watched it!

Part one is available here – http://thehillsboroughdisasterdocumentary.com/2012/09/13/hillsborough-heading-for-disaster-part-one/

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17 thoughts on “Hillsborough – From Disaster to Deceit (Part two)

  1. Fantastic documentary, Mike. Very emotional viewing but it makes you truly understand the human stories and tragedies of such an horrific event. A particular moment for me was when one man said he ran away that day and it took 15 years to stop running. That puts some perspective on the decisions made, the lies covered up and the psychological trauma suffered by those affected. Many congratulations on a wonderful piece of work.

  2. Can only echo what Debbie Hoare has written above Mike. Excellent documentary that will allow many people in the future to learn about what went on that fateful day, supported by the findings of the independent panel.

    Powerful and really well put together. Appreciate you taking the time to put this all together.

  3. Again, so well put together. Getting the expert on crowds and crowd behaviour is a great angle. Puts blame on the system, not the fans. Great interviewees also, glad they can be given a voice.

  4. Thank you all very much for taking the time to watch and to leave your kind words, I really appreciate it. This has been three years in the making, and it means a lot to hear your feedback.

  5. Definitely a major strength of authority comes from interviewing the expert on crowd behaviours, while the strength of authenticity comes from interviewing the people who actually went through the horror. Top work.

  6. Not much more to add than whats been said. Very emotional, very real. Well done, this will stand the test of time so that noone will ever forget the truth. JFT96

  7. So honest, so well told and edited. The pain experienced by everyone involved is plain to see and I hope they find some real peace in the coming months following the Independent Panel’s report

  8. I think it’s all been said, but really well done. This is a must see documentary for anyone who has fought alongside the families as well as those that doubted the families and friends and chose to believe the establishment. You’ve spoken to a really good selection of survivors and those that could do little to help other than watch. These people are often forgotten as we quite rightly focus in the hurt and pain of the survivors and victims of the family. I hope this gets more airtime than simply you tube as it deserves to be aired on national TV. Justice is coming……

  9. A lot of comments I made on Part 1 apply here. The crowd dynamics expert adds a different angle. I get a sense of helplessness that I haven’t had before from those forced to watch the tragedy unfold and also a sense of inevitability (which will be stronger when the two parts are watched together) I also believe it deserves a wider airing on TV.

  10. Powerful, emotive but most of all truthful. An excellent film Mike, which should receive a networked airing. Is it wrong of me, to look forward to Part 3?

  11. Really powerful and impactful to hear directly from the people who were there. I think you’re right to make this for online viewing as it’s rare to see something as honest as this. The temptation for TV would be to sensationalise the tragedy and emotion, but it’s so much better to see it in this simple truthful way.

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