So you thought Liverpool fans were late, drunk & ticketless at Hillsborough?

It’s understandable. The police force that had a duty of care that day were led by Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield, who started lying about what really happened before the dead & dying were even freed from the terrifying crush on the Leppings Lane terrace.

That lie was then transmitted to the waiting media, and headlines were being printed before the lies were even realised.

Here are some of the accusations that South Yorkshire Police peddled, with the actual facts, which disprove them all:

Late? – What time are you supposed to turn up for a football match?

I have been going to football matches for 25 years, and I have literally no idea what time would be considered early, which would be on time and which would be late.

What I do know as a fact is that the match ticket for 15.04.1989 at Hillsborough told people to be in place 15 minutes before kick off. I also know that kick-off was scheduled for 3pm that day, and so when a dangerous crush outside the ground started building up at 2.30pm, I fail to see how those fans could be deemed to be late?

FYI, South Yorkshire Police ordered vehicular traffic to be stopped on Leppings Lane at 2.17pm, such was the density of fans.

Drunk? – Lord Justice Taylor was asked by the Home Office to investigate into events at the Hillsborough stadium on the 15th April 1989.

He had evidence from pubs, members of the public, South Yorkshire Police and the local supermarkets and off license establishments. Lord Justice Taylor concluded that most were “not drunk, nor even the worse for drink”.

He went on to say that “Some officers, seeking to rationalise their loss of control, overestimated the drunkenness in the crowd.”

Ticketless? – The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) studied the CCTV footage after the disaster, in order to try and ascertain how many supporters had entered the Leppings Lane end of the ground.

The capacity of the Leppings Lane end in its entirety was 10,100.

The HSE supplied three estimates of the number of fans who had entered that day based on video evidence. The first number was 9,267 fans were inside; the second ‘best estimate’ was that 9,734 were inside and the maximum number given was 10,124. The problem clearly wasn’t that there were too many fans, it was simply that too many fans were in the central two pens.

These are all facts. Cast iron, totally verified, facts.

I hope that after the Independent Panel Report on September 12th 2012, that you can start to chip away at these long standing lies, and understand the real truth of Hillsborough.

4 thoughts on “So you thought Liverpool fans were late, drunk & ticketless at Hillsborough?

  1. There should be no statute of limitations in light of the conspiracy now revealed. The authorities should investigate to the full all the facts of the Sept 12th report and pursue those who have broken the law or are deemed responsible for the disaster with the full rigour of the law. Anything less is would be just another cover up.

  2. Me and my mates learnt the hard way about having too much to drink before the game during the early 80s. We started to limit ourselves to two pints and no more before a match knowing we had all Saturday night to imbibe as much as we wanted. Everyone knows what happens once you’ve had a skinfull, you need to pee every twenty minutes or so. When you are stuck in the middle of a crowd of thousands it’s nigh-on impossible to make it to the bog.
    Bit different nowadays with all-seated stadiums, you can get out to pay a visit to the ‘karzey’ but even then you could miss a goal.
    In 1980 and 1988 we never even bothered having one bevvy before the match as we knew how sardine-like that dreadful Leppings Lane end was during a semi-final. In 89 we had ONE chilled can of Harp lager in the car on the way to Sheffield and that was it. I heard loads of other fans talking at the time about not having any to maybe only a pint or two.
    So those ‘drunk fans’ headlines in the papers really cut to the bone because me and my three mates KNEW it was all a pack of lies.

    As for ‘Late’ – we were outside trying to get in from 13:40, finally passing through a turnstile at 14:35 due to the absolutely scandalous disorganization outside compared to the previous year (and in 1980). We went to the side standing area (pen 1) knowing to avoid that goddamned tunnel.

    ‘Ticketless’ – I heard a couple of lads near to us say that they’d bought tickets outside the main stand and they said there was plenty being sold, therefore anyone turning up without one could easily have bought one. So again, another police ‘lie’ is exposed.

    Please, please, let there be high-level prosecutions over this. And I hope that Paul Middup is one of them for his disgraceful TV interview condemning the fans. He being the SYP mouthpiece at the time.

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