Hillsborough – Heading for Disaster (part one)

This is part one of a three part documentary. Please leave your comments by replying to this post once you’ve watched it!

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47 thoughts on “Hillsborough – Heading for Disaster (part one)

  1. Very emotional and very candid. Truthful, honest and real. Mike you should be proud…we will be watching the next installments. It should never have happened x

  2. Beautifully done. The lead-up to the game; the stories, like the supporter quoting his brother saying “it’s such a lovely day what can possibly go wrong? There was also the story of guy selling sunglasses “£1 a pair, to take out the glare. The optimism and joy in what was supposed to be another great spectacle, sadly it was to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Great work Mike -YNWA

  3. Mike,

    Many thanks for your dedication and tireless work in the fight for justice. Powerful documentary and it still seems like yesterday. The fight for justice will continue, but yesterday’s release of the Independent Report is a big step towards achieving this.

    I fully support your hard work and I thank you again for the work you have done.

  4. Fantastic, moving, poignant. Struck all the right notes mike, it’s people like yourself who do our great city so proud. Who help preserve the memories of those 96 lives. You should feel very very proud of what you have achieved here. I will do my upmost to help publicise this. On my next HFSG charity event I will make sure everyone has a link here.
    YNWA ollie

  5. Dear all above … thank you all so very much for your kind words. This is my first ever video project, and as it was uploading I got the fear that it was utter shite … I appreciate you taking the time to be positive.

    BIG love

    YNWA xxx

  6. Superb stuff Mike, Im a Norwich fan who was at Villa Park that day, watching us lose 1-0 to Everton. I remember at the time the eerie atmosphere 2nd half, Everton in front yet their fans were largely quiet and streams of them leaving early. At the time we had no mobiles or internet so had no idea what had happened till we came out of the ground. Still upsets me to this day, Norwich play Liverpool soon at Carrow Road, I hope we can sing YNWA together in memory of those 96 angels. May they rest in peace in heaven.

  7. I’ll never forget watching this on tv, it still sickens me to my stomach.
    Well done all those who fought long and tirelessly for the truth to come out.

    This documentry shows it was a disaster waiting to happen. Lessons have been learned, which as a football fan is much appreciated, but sadly it is too late for some.
    RIP the 96.

  8. So glad the truth is coming out at last. A scary day will never forget the shock of what I was watching RIP 96 x. Powerful and well made doc.

  9. Emotional yet a factual description of events told by people who were there. No real finger-pointing or blame shown, indicating that up to this point in the day there were a number of contributory factors, including the usual practices of the time which we now look back as completey unsafe & a ludicrous way to control crowds. Excellent piece of work so far.

  10. A very tasteful documentary on such a difficult topic. Quite an eerie ending to part one. Great to have Liverpool fans stories as the basis for the film. John in Australia

  11. so heartbreaking to watch… this should never have happened … Thank goodness the truth is out… Now lets have Justice… Well done Mike .xxx

  12. Honest, natural facts, sad but true and compelling because of all those reasons, Hopefully the long injustice will now serve that corruption and scapegoating could now see that a body such as the HIP could expose their cheap, disgusting, damned lies and that no grieving loved ones will never suffer like it ever again, keep it up Mike

  13. Thanks so much for making this and to all the contributors for talking about it again, it must be really hard. I was only a kid at the time and remember being so shocked and scared. I never believed the media coverage or the SY police, but I didn’t realise either how many lies they had told and how much of a conspiracy and cover up and insults the police and media kept up over all these years. I look forward to the other parts of your documentary. May the families and friends now finally get some justice and peace.

  14. Really insightful Mike, brillliantly put together and documented. So tragic and at last the truth is out. That last image is so powerful.

  15. Brilliant piece of work, I’m throwing links to everyone I can think of.

    Even though I wasn’t there (I was 21 so I vividly remember the story unfolding on TV) I find it extremely distressing to watch any footage of the actual event, I really don’t know how the families and friends of the 96 have coped, incredible courage, tenacity, solidarity and humility. Makes me proud to be scouse. JFT96 YNWA

  16. WOW I now live in New Zealand 55 yrs of age my dad also here 78 years. I was a serving Merseyside Police officer back then in Liverpool. I watched the match live I hope to god David Cameron has the backbone to get certain senior officals, politians and Police officers before a Crown Court. My Dad and I knew from the Sunday it was a cover up. Still havn’t bought the Sun newspaper. Mike well done.

  17. Well done ..nice piece of work beautifully crafted and fitting to justice for 96 from this awful disaster in football history

  18. Hi Mike.. I was at Hillsborough that awful day.. Sadly my dad lost his life in that unnecessary disaster..I now reside in Australia as I lost my faith in the UK establishment.. Just want to say thank you for a excellent portrayal of the views of the survivors of that awful day, who sadly get overlooked..!!!!! Look forward to the next episode… Cheers from OZ 😊… Gerry Baron

  19. Hi. I’m not a Liverpool fan but am a football fan here in Ireland. I remember watching that game live on Irish TV & John Giles saying that he hope’s there’s nothing wrong as it’s the front where all the young kids go.As i look at the names & ages of those caught up in what happened i see his worst fears were realized
    Cracking piece of Journalism Mike.& i look forward to see the other 2 parts. Respect to all

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