The funny thing about Justice.

The funny thing about Justice.

Imagine the uproar,
And the weight of the law,
If 96 coppers,
Lay dead on the floor.

The law could not stand this,
This terrible day,
The people who caused it,
Would be locked safe away.

The blame would be total,
And the sentence so raw,
The guilty would feel the,
Long arm of the law.

The papers would say things,
Bout’ those brave lads in blue,
How did ‘they’ cause this?
I haven’t a clue.

They were 96 heroes,
And shouldn’t have died,
At least with our Justice,
We’ll avenge their sweet lives.

Justice is needed,
And justice is right,
And justice is the reason,
We won’t give up the fight.

We lost our brothers,
Our Sisters and Dad’s
And our Mother’s and Uncles,
And Friends that we had.

Yet as strange as it seems,
For that terrible day,
The justice we seeked,
Just eroded away.

We never saw Justice,
Like those brave boys in blue,
To me it seems wrong,
Does it to you?

By Mike Nicholson

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