Hillsborough: 71 hours of video footage & thousands of photographs couldn’t find any misbehavior

This is for anybody who read about the Hillsborough disaster in the immediate aftermath, and got the impression that Liverpool fans were to blame.

On the day of the Hillsborough disaster, three different organisations were filming video footage, namely South Yorkshire Police, Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and the BBC. Lord Justice Taylor had 71 hours of video footage available to his official enquiry into the disaster, even after the missing CCTV tapes, and you are yet to see a single clip of video that supports the outrageous lies that were printed in the media in the days and weeks after.

The photographers that were there to shoot the events on the pitch ended up shooting people being crushed against the fences. The photographers were on the pitch, running in between the dead and dying taking photos. You are yet to a single picture that supports the lies told in the media in the days and weeks after.

Do you not think that if Liverpool fans had done anything wrong, that there would be supporting evidence in the extensive collection of video and photography? There is not a single image, not one. The lies in the press were just that, lies. They were told to shift the blame from those in authority, to the victims, and the sickening thing is that the lies started while Liverpool fans were dying on the terraces and pitch.

6 thoughts on “Hillsborough: 71 hours of video footage & thousands of photographs couldn’t find any misbehavior

  1. I like many others who where in the leppings lane that afternoon would like to say a very big thank you…we are sick of all the lies that have been printed and it feels good to have someone like yourself who’s trying to get to the truth…Thank you ..

  2. the truth will all be revealed, as long as writers like yourself Mike fight for it. As long as the wonderful survivors keep telling their stories, all the past injustices will be righted. As the song says, ÿoull never walk alone” Let it be known, HIllsbourgh is not forgotten, and the truth, will be told.

  3. Very well put together Mike, difficult to watch. I have seen the spurs video before though you have put it all together so well certainly shows the authorities had never bothered about safety for many years. Well done to all the participants in the video, it really helps to keep the message out there. Thanks for your efforts, I’m sure it will help us all get the justice for the 96 and every Liverpool fan who was at Hillsborough. Steve.

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