Documentary update – 28/8/2012

As this project has continued to grow in size, and as my day job has continued to rob me of the time I’d like to dedicate to it, I have taken the decision to release this documentary in three parts.

My thinking right now is to segment the story as follows:

Part One – The story up to the time when the police open the exit gate

Part Two – From the opening of the exit gate until the time the referee stopped that match

Part Three – The rescue operation & aftermath

I gave my word to the Hillsborough Family Support Group that I would not release anything until after the Hillsborough Independent Panel have released their report, and I will be true my word of course.

The families are due to hear the findings of that report on September 12th, and I hope to have part one of the documentary edited and ready to release as soon after the press are given the findings as possible. The reason for this is that Hillsborough will once again be in the news, and the interest of the general public will hopefully be raised as a result.

Part two will then follow on as soon as possible after that, and depending on the findings, I will be filming new content with relevant parties, and hope to have part three available before the end of the year.

Thanks again to all those who have expressed their support, and those who have used Twitter & Facebook to help me spread the word.

The number one priority of this documentary is to place a factual video online that will be available to future generations completely free of charge. To do that I am relying on everyone to help me gain follows on Twitter, so that I can tweet the links as and when they are ready. The truth needs an audience, which is why your support is so vital to the project. Thanks again!

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