Sheffield Wednesday v Coventry, FA Cup 1/4 Final, 14 March 1987

I am starting this page because a Coventry fan expressed an opinion about the Leppings Lane end on that day via Twitter.

Sheffield Wednesday lost this match 1-3, and Coventry went on to win the FA Cup this year.

If you were there, please leave your recollections in the comments below.

You can follow the documentary progress on Twitter @hillsboroughdoc



One thought on “Sheffield Wednesday v Coventry, FA Cup 1/4 Final, 14 March 1987

  1. I went to this game and specifically made sure that I got a ticket for the stand above Leppings Lane (I had been to Hillsborough before and didn’t like the idea of being on that terrace when it was sure to be over-filled. Sure enough, there was a crush during the game. I went to the front of the stand at half time and looked down to see many fans trying to move away from the tightly compressed central pens. Some of them were being pulled up into the stand. I remember thinking that I was incredibly lucky not to be down there. We returned three weeks later for our semi-final against Leeds and the problem was just the same. From the other end of the stadium I could see Leeds fans being hauled to safety. A friend of mine said that he wrote a letter warning about the lack of safety at the ground, but I don’t think he got a reply. We all remember being in crush situations in the 70s, but at least then we had the option to spill out onto the pitch. The perimeter fencing made that impossible during the 80s. If the fencing had not been there I firmly believe that many of the poor victims from 1989 would still be alive….

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