Arsenal v Newcastle – The day of the Hillsborough Disaster

On the day of the Hillsborough Disaster Arsenal entertained Newcastle at Highbury, in a game finished 1-0 to the Gunners.

That day the football hardly mattered to many though, as in Sheffield a human crush took place before the F.A.Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest which ultimately claimed the lives of 96 men, women and children. One boy who died was as young as 10 years old.

As a part of my documentary about the Hillsborough disaster that happened while this game was taking place, I am asking fans of all clubs to contribute with their thoughts.

Maybe you were at this match or following it on the television or radio? Maybe you had been to Hillsborough previously, and have a story to tell about that?

Spurs & Leeds fans have told their stories about crushing in the ’81 and ’87 semi-finals at Hillsborough, and I have heard from a Man Utd fan who had a terrible experience at the ground in a league game. Some Coventry fans may have been at this game and the 1981 semi-final in which Spurs fans were crushed, thankfully, not fatally?

Whatever you have to say, I’d be grateful if you could leave a reply.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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One thought on “Arsenal v Newcastle – The day of the Hillsborough Disaster

  1. I was standing on the north bank with my pocket radio as a 16 year old… I remember the tannoy announcement at half time saying that there was ‘crowd trouble’ at hillsborough. Then there were the Chinese whispers on the terraces, by the full time whistle, we were awa that something very bad had happened that afternoon.

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