Luton Town 2 v Coventry City 2 – The day of the Hillsborough disaster

On the day of the Hillsborough Disaster, Luton Town played Coventry City in a division one match that ended in a 2-2 draw.

As a part of my documentary about the Hillsborough disaster that happened while this game was taking place, I am asking fans of all clubs to contribute with their thoughts.

Maybe you were at this match or following it on the television or radio? Maybe you had been to Hillsborough previously, and have a story to tell about that?

Spurs & Leeds fans have told their stories about crushing in the ā€™81 and ā€™87 semi-finals at Hillsborough, and I have heard from a Man Utd fan who had a terrible experience at the ground in a league game. Some Coventry fans may have been at this game and the 1981 semi-final in which Spurs fans were crushed, thankfully, not fatally?

Whatever you have to say, Iā€™d be grateful if you could leave a reply.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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4 thoughts on “Luton Town 2 v Coventry City 2 – The day of the Hillsborough disaster

  1. I was at the Luton v Coventry game. Raphael Maede had a shocker.

    All we knew was that the Liverpool v Forest game had been abandoned for some reason. I remember the crowd started chanting “we hate scousers”. I didn’t find out what happened at Hillsborough until I got home.

  2. This day was my 20th birthday, I will never forget it, I have loads of mates that are liverpool fans and I went to the hillsborough disaster concert at Anfield a few years later, I always say that 2 disasters happened on my birthday as the Titanic sank this day 77 years earlier, Will always remember the initial reports on tv that there was trouble as fans were on the pitch, it didnt seem a surprise as lots of football violence was is the news at this time, how wrong were the reports and what followed will never be forgotten

  3. I was at Hillsborough the day before this tragedy delivering as a courier, and was also at the Luton v Coventry game, and remember the score board saying that the Game at Hillsborough had been called off due to crowd trouble, How wrong they were, 23 years for the truth to finally come out !

  4. I’m a Baggies fan who was a season ticket holder in our large Brummie Road End for many years. We’d hosted Everton comfortably in front of 32,000 in the 3rd Round of the ’89 FA Cup. However, in the weeks before Hillsborough I’d watched us away at Swindon and Walsall on much smaller terraces where we’d been packed in behind big fences, both laterally and horizontally, that were impossible to see over. I’d also been to Stoke the previous year in a pen with no crush barriers at all and again, a fence that was higher than the back of the little terrace.

    The Albion were in decline in the late 80s and we didn’t have many big matches. I dread to think what I would have experienced if we’d had a good team. I do remember my mate having to take down his inflatable banana at Swindon because the terrace was rammed.

    We’d blown a 2-0 lead at home to Plymouth on the day of Hillsborough. My disappointment turned to grief when I got home and saw the pictures from Hillsborough. I remember crying my eyes out in front of the TV. It’s the only national disaster that has moved me to grief and I know that is because of what I had experienced as a teenage fan in the death trap away ends of 80s.

    On a slightly different note, I’d like to think conditions for fans would have improved regardless of the senseless loss of life at Hillsborough. The 88/89 season had seen the rise of the fanzine scene and inflatables. Football was already become fashionable and articulate.

    Justice for the 96.

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