On the 15th April 1989, the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield was full of heroes. Some of those heroes were junior ranked South Yorkshire Police officers who seemed to say ‘balls to orders’ and to realise that despite the fact they were not permitted to open gates, that other human beings needed their help. Most of […]

Hillsborough survivors needed for interviews

I am looking to interview fans who were at Hillsborough, and specifically those that were towards the very front of pens three & four. These interviews are video-based, and are for use in my documentary about the real truth of the Hillsborough disaster, which will be released after the Independent Panel release their report. The […]

A big thank you to Cast & their management

I’d like to put on record my sincere thanks to Cast and their management, for allowing me to use their music free of charge in this documentary. Robert Swerdlow & the lads from Cast THANK YOU! I am making this with no budget whatsoever, and will not accept a penny in payment for the finished […]