Hillsborough: Richie Greaves – A survivor’s story

Richie went through the tunnel, and went right into pen three at about 2.45pm.

Pen three is where most of the victims lost their lives, and where the crush barrier made from steel & concrete buckled under the sheer weight of people in that area. He maintains to this day, that had his mate Ian not insisted that they move to the far right of that pen, then he may not have been so lucky. Liverpool fans in pen two put their clasped hands through the lateral fence, and allowed those trapped in pen three to use them to get a leg-up, and to climb away from danger into the sparsely populated wing pens.

Most of the interview will be held back for the documentary, but here is a small clip:

3 thoughts on “Hillsborough: Richie Greaves – A survivor’s story

  1. Hi, I’m Christina Rogers. In my history class i am studying the hillsborough disaster and its affect on the people who witnessed it, and the people who heard of it. I was hoping to contact someone who was a part of this experience, if there is anyway possible to give me some names or any information that would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Hi Richie you may not remember me now its been 23 year! its Jan we saw each other for a while i had a son Ben. The first person i thought of was you when i heard the news. I always remembered that you knew the truth about what happened that day. U were troubled and i really felt for you. I haven’t read your article yet i just noticed your name on facebook. I will read it with interest. Hope you are doing well. x

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