Hillsborough: Ed – A Survivor’s Story

As a part of the documentary I met with Ed today, who told me all about his recollections of that tragic day in ’89.

A lot of his story is familiar, but some of it very personal and I’d like to thank him for sharing his story in pursuit of the truth. Here is a short clip from that interview:

Ed was late arriving in Sheffield, despite leaving plenty of time, because of severe delays caused by road works. There were a few things he said today though that I didn’t know before.

Firstly, Ed told me that he heard people outside the Leppings Lane asking the police if they were going to delay the kick-off. These people were told no, and that the exit gate was open now so if they wanted to get into the stadium then that was the way to go.

In those days, police forces would often decide to delay kick-off when there were too many fans outside the ground to enter safely in the time allotted. South Yorkshire Police used this tactic in the 1987 semi-final at Hillsborough between Leeds & Coventry. They didn’t in 1989.

Secondly, Ed was at Villa Park for the 1990 semi-final versus Crystal Palace. One year on from the disaster at Hillsborough. Ed left even more time in ’90 after events in ’89, but once again road works meant that he and many others were late arriving and he missed 15 minutes of the match. He said that Liverpool fans were understandably going mad at the police, asking why they hadn’t put the kick-off back and why they hadn’t learnt anything from the year before.

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