An open letter to Mr David Duckenfield; formerly of South Yorkshire Police.

If you know David Duckenfield, I would be very grateful if you could get a copy of this open letter to him.

I write more in hope than expectation, but I know that if I had been in charge when 96 people were fatally crushed to death, and I had then lied about it, I might want to at least try and put the record straight.

Thank you for your time.

WATCH: Part one, Hillsborough, Heading for Disaster is online and ready to watch here –.



Dear Mr Duckenfield,

My name is Mike Nicholson, and I am currently making a documentary about the human disaster which happened on the 15th April 1989, at the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield. I am an individual, and not working with, or for any larger media organisation. I’m just one man. In light of the Hillsborough Independent Report today, I am trying to contact you once again via the internet.

As you know you were the match commander that day and as detailed in the Taylor Report, you have admitted to lying about Liverpool fans breaking down a gate to force entry. Lord Justice Taylor called it ‘a disgraceful lie’ in the report, which I am sure you can have no complaints about. The real truth, as you later admitted, is that you gave the order to open the exit gate in order to relieve the dangerous crush that was building outside the Leppings Lane turnstiles.

While it was commendable that you owned up to your falsehood eventually, I am afraid that the damage to the dead, injured and survivor’s reputations had already been done. Headlines and news bulletins the world over repeated your lie, and many people still walk around under the misapprehension that was given to them by the lie you told that day.

I write this open letter to you more in hope than expectation I must admit, but I wondered if you might welcome this opportunity to finally apologise for all the hurt and anger you have caused? As I said I am just one man, and I would be willing to meet you one on one, anywhere and in private and in secret with just one camera and a microphone if you were willing to do so?

If you do not feel willing or able to meet me, then as a secondary request, could I ask that you write your thoughts and feelings down, and either post them on this blog post, or email them to me at instead?

The families of the victims that day have had a 22 year fight to not only get the official record set straight, but also to clear their loved-ones reputations to people who read the headlines in April 1989, and made their mind up on the spot. You caused that, and you can help to put it right, albeit 22 years later.

I wait with hope in my heart.


Mike Nicholson

48 thoughts on “An open letter to Mr David Duckenfield; formerly of South Yorkshire Police.

    1. Linda, you’re probably right. I felt it was worth a try though. He’s had 22 years for the enormity of what he did to sink in, and he’s not getting any younger. I just hope that his conscience feels it, and that Twitter can get the message to him in the first place.

  1. Good luck with getting a reply,but i will bet my last penny you dont. The man has no shame and the fact that his lies still get repeated to this day prove it. Have you asked Kelvin Mackenzie if he would like to meet you also as he still spouts his lies to anyone that is stupid enough to listen and i would love to see him brought to task for what he did. Good luck with the making of the documentary and i hope you are able to further the cause for justice. May i ask why you are going to wait till after the panel reports its findings before showing your programme?

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your message.

    I agree that the likelihood of hearing from him are remote, but I felt it was worth a try. If I were him, the events of April 15th, 1989 would be eating me up. I think this opportunity represents a good chance to apologise for the lies.

    We’ll see, but I wouldn’t put any money on it, you’re right!

    All the best,


  3. Sorry, forgot to say that the reason the documentary is due out after the panel have reported is two-fold. One, it was the wished of the HFSG, because they didn’t want anything to jepodise the current work being some, no matter how small the risk.

    Secondly, we hope that the panel’s report will add something significant to the story.

  4. I completely applaud your efforts with the documentary & if it’s anything like reading Phil Scraton’s ‘Hillsborough’ then it will be a hard but completely essential watch, just as that book is completely essential to anyone who wants to know more about what actually took place.
    I have to say that I echo the sentiments of the previous posters regarding Duckenfield. He has had 23 years to apologise for the lie but has stayed silent. Either he’s content with the Metropolitan Police pension & can look at himself in the morning without seeing the blood of 96 innocents on his hands or he just doesn’t think it’s his fault. I would like to think that he has unfinished business with the issue of Hillsborough and hopes to redress this with himself via your offer but I doubt it. I don’t wish ill on a lot of people as it’s a petty emotion…unless it’s completely deserved, and Duckenfield deserves it.

  5. Hi mike,deep admiration for what you are doing sir.This fight will go on till we get justice,I applaud the efforts that you have applied to this fight.
    Wednesday,will hopefully help every fan who attended take a step forward and more important help 96 families finally put a lid on their grieving.We were only present on the day but the pain is still present everyday.JFT96

  6. In relation to Duckinfield, sadly, it’s unreasonable to expect any reply. The man showed himself to be incapable and somewhat cowardly on the day and only admitted part of his falsehoods when the evidence of an inquiry made it impossible to maintain the falsehood any longer. Duckinfield was a fast-tracked, over-promoted career police officer – the word ‘career’ being vital here. His career being the most important aspect of what happened on that day in his eyes. If David Duckinfield ever had good, honourable, public service inspired reasons for becoming a police officer, they were sacrificed on the altar of his career, culminating in his actions – and inactions – on that day in 1989. He will, 22 years on, no doubt still be convinced in his own eyes he ‘tried to do the right thing’ under the opearional circumstances, no matter what the facts tell us.

  7. I went to university with Duckenfield’s son quite a number of years ago now and not that long after the disaster, and for little it’s worth, according to his son, it hit him very,very hard indeed. He’s a manic depressive and in bad shape generally.

    As a lifelong Liverpool fan, I agree with all other posters that he should apologise to the families of all that died and were injured in this disaster, and finally front up fully for his incompetence and the damage done to the reputation of Liverpool fans. However, taking a step back and offering a pragmatic view, is it really so surprising that he made this error of judgement, panic badly and attempt to deflect blame from himself onto a crowd of football fans?

    In their deepest recesses, I think you’ll find that most people in that same position would act in the same cowardly fashion. I’m brave even to admit that I probably would have done too – almost no-one, in reality, would front up and admit such a catastrophic error in judgement when the result was so dreadful. It’s too easy for a lot of critical contributors to sit remote from everything that happened and judge others behaviour and decision making when the chances are they would have acted similarly. It’s unpalletable for some to hear, but sadly the likely truth.

    1. although I agree with your posting and admire you for being one of the very few to be brave enough to post this thought, I have to correct you on the fact of Duckenfield’s son. David does not have a son.


  8. He saw people getting crushed outside Hillsborough, in front of his own eyes, He had to make a decision: Watch people die in front of him or open the gates and relieve the pressure of people building up outside. I would guarantee that the majority of people in the same situation in the same circumstances would do the same thing. Of course there are horrific lies that have been told which are disgusting and a cover up which should not have been allowed to happen, but pinning the blame on this man for opening the gates is absurd

    1. I appreciate what you are saying, but if you read the report, he also could see the fact that the middle pens were already full, so he could and shoudl have realised that before he gave the order to open the gates, he should have closed the central tunnel, something that was done at the same fixture the year before.

  9. Mike, Mr David Godfrey Duckenfield was once the Secretary of Knighton Heath Golf Club. And as such, a quick internet search will give you his address in West Parley, Ferndown (At least as of 2008). Even if you reach him, I am sure your request will fall on the arrogance and Cowardliness that has gotten him through these past 23 years… Good Luck, and I applaud your efforts

    1. Companies House records are showing a certain DGD as a Director of Hallamshire Golf Club Ltd, Sheffield, as of the end of 2011. Their website has a listing of famous people who have visited, yet somehow they missed this one out, if indeed it is the same person (which it may not be, of course).

  10. I cannot believe the absolute crap we are being fed today by the good and great amongst us who of course had no idea of the terrible lies that have been told for the last 23 years.How much has this enquiry cost and why are we being given the truth only now.David Duckinfield if you are still able please come forward and speak.Kelvin MacKenzie hang your head in shame,David Cameron are you actually telling us there was no political involvement.For Liverpool FC supporters read Henri Paul.

  11. In reply to A .
    You obviously don’t understand what the 23 years of campainging was about , we would have understood that the actions of Duckenfield and his officers were incompetent at best but not malicious , however the cover up and lies were malicious and vindictive and that has haunted all of the families for 23 years because we all knew the truth and nobody would listen . I hope Duckenfield was listening and watching today . I hope he sleeps well tonight .

  12. Rosey, I completely understand what the campaigning was about. The whole cover up was a total disgrace and the lies that were pedaled by so many are appalling. I am solely pointing to the fact that the man saw in front of him that people were being crushed and his only feasible option was to open the gates. Again, you pin the blame on Duckenfield when he made a choice which I think others would also have made in the same circumstances. I am sure he was watching today and I am sure he won’t sleep well tonight but I feel that blaming him for this decision is just wrong. RIP the 96. Such a tragedy and condolences to family and friends

  13. A, it’s not the fact that he opened the gates, it’s more to the point that he then tried to deny doing such a thing, and stated that the Liverpool Fans opened the gate with force. What sort of man in authority, and with the responsibility he had in his position would do such a thing. It was the start of the cover up, and I am sure the had a more influential input into that cover up as the day went on. The stories today told of the police being instructed to search the bodies for drugs etc, and that was from a point very early into the situation. There is no denying that a serious incident could have happened outside the stadium, given the numbers, but to try to give a false account of events is totally unacceptable, and he should be made to be accountable for doing that.

  14. Its shocking to hear the evidence of police cover ups. It makes you think what the police culture was like at the time. People complain today about civil liberties being less but I dont think such a widespread cover up could happen today. It will be interesting to see who is brought to account. I’ve just read through the 2000 private prosecution of Duckenfield and Murray and its shocking especially with the released document evidence from yesterday.

  15. You won’t hear from him.

    Kelvin Mackenzie’s apology is shameful. He says he acted in good faith, but he didn’t. By printing ‘The Truth’ he was saying that he believed the police over the fans, he nailed his colours to the police mast and his apology should be full and frank with no rider.

  16. I personally think you’ll hear of him been found at the end of a rope before he’ll reply to you, or even issue a full, unreserved apology.
    A man who immediately tried to aportion blame onto the dead rather than own up to his own short comings and ineptitude is hardly likely to come forward now.
    He should be prosecuted for manslaughter, and Mackenzine should be in court for liable

  17. In the light of the information that the safety certificate for Hillsborough was 10 years out of date, I would be interested to know just whose responsibility it is to check these things. Is it the police,HSE,Council? Who?

  18. It isn’t the case of course that McKenzie was misled – which is all he is apologising for – he knew full well that it was a pack of lies and was all part of the orchestrated smear campaign by the Establishment to deflect blame away from the police and authorities, and he no doubt had a hand in concocting them. The Daily Mirror figured out what was going on and didn’t run with the (fabricated) story, but then the Mirror – unlike the Sun – isn’t a part of the Establishment’s propaganda machine.

  19. Hi Mike, I’m just a member of the public, in my 40s , who remember the day so vividly it will always be part of my life’s history. As an outsider to events, I can’t even start to comprehend what the last 23 years have been like for the families of the disaster. Mike, I’m sure like many, since the recent report I’ve been trawling the web, picking up news items and searching my memory. This is so huge, from so many areas, I’m attempting to catalogue in my own mind, one event after another of horrific collusion, cover up and outright offensive lies. There are reams and reams of information regards the outrageous actions from high court judges, senior police, FA officials, senior police, politicians, senior police, coroners misguidance, senior police etc I think I’m requesting that someone pulls this together in an almost bullet point, easy to follow manner, to assist me in recounting to my children, my grandchildren, what must be the greatest demonstration of abuse of public office from all sides ever in the history of our country.

    The high profile instances appear easily available, Duckenfields culpability continues to be well documented for example, but going from memory, the outrageous treatment of the families described as ‘protestors’ at the 2000 trial (again police fabrication) and I also seem to remember from the time, that fans were held at the station for over half an hour by police before being allowed to proceed to the ground after 2:30. Have reports such as these been lost over time?

    But finally, I feel the need to apologise to the families. Quite simply, I, as a member of the general public didn’t do enough over the years to support them in their fight. I was pragmatic, and ‘open minded’. The 2 things that allowed their shouts for help to fall on sympathetic, but semi closed ears. They deserved a national outcry 23 years ago, and because of our doubts our failings, we still live with police tribalism today, and ongoing horrific miscarriages of justice, because of it.

    Duckenfield can only reply in one manner. Walk into a police station, today, and confess to a gross perversion of the course of justice.

    I hope more than anything prosecutions now follow, and any man who says there’s nothing to be gained, is so so wrong. We cannot allow one more day to pass, where an Officer believes he is above the law and uses his office to pervert justice. Not one. From the grass roots of policing to the highest office. We must have a national outcry. I’m just so sorry I’m 23 years too late. Chris

    1. Duckenfield is a coward by any standards. He neglected his duty when he failed to get the gates to the tunnel closed before he ordered gate C to be opened. Once he gave the order his action resulted in 96 deaths, where is the corporate manslaughter charge ?

      Then of course there is the cover up which apparently the man leading the development of the SYP position, knew nothing about the cover up….oh come on grow a set and put your hands up for a little jail time for assisting perverting the course of justice…..or is he like his colleagues going to “:retire on medical grounds” and rub the noses of the 96 into it even further.

      The CPS need to ACT and they need to do it NOW !!

      the liars and cowards need to be tried….preferably in Liverpool.

      RIP the 96

    2. Im now part way through reading the independent report. Harrowing. We must have prosecutions. Disregarding Duckenfields role, Police trained and paid for by the tax payer, stood and watched. Where they had basic first aid knowledge, they stood and watched. The only organised group on that day were the Liverpool fans. Without a pre match disaster briefing, without a pre match casualty evacuation order, without any equipment, training and more harrowingly, in the face of those who should be acting, but refused to, they organised, evacuated and without a doubt saved hundreds of lives that day. Those that were there, for 23 years, have had to live their lives with doubt, questions, and blame hanging over their heads. I hope, we now as a nation can acknowledge their humane and heroic actions on that day. Chris.

      1. So why is it so important to act now? Mark Duggan. Mark Duggan was an innocent member of the public, shot in a taxi by police at 6pm one ordinary evening. He was black. He was 29 with no criminal record whatsoever. Fact. The Sun led with an article stating ‘Gunman Mark Duggan…’ ‘gangsta from xxxxx gang’ ‘police officer shot in gunfight…’ .
        Mark Duggan had no gun. No gun was found, nor was even mentioned in police statements until 48 hours after the incident. A mysterious gun then appeared that had been used in a previous crime some 3 months earlier. No evidence was ever found ie dna, fingerprints, to link Duggan to the gun. The police officer who had been ‘shot’ in the ‘gunfight’ had indeed been hit by a police issue bullet, that had ricochet at the time of Duggans death.
        So, who briefed the media? Who advised on revised police statements 48 hours after the incident? Who threw his distraught partner and mother of his 3 children to the press, who then quite tellingly stated “I had absolutely no idea he was up to no good!”. The mother of his children, who would have known him the best, already falling for the police version of the man she thought she knew. This was all less than 12 months ago.
        Hillsborough led the way to a new level of police collusion and rank closing, for the simple reason that they got away with it. The similarities regards police post incident modus operendi are startling. The use of character assassination. The use of media leaks to present the police version, immediately after the event, despite glaring untruths. The use of the IPCC to cover the tracks, frustrate families efforts to seek the truth, and close the ranks.
        Over 5000 people have died in custody in the last 10 years, not one officer has been succesfully prosecuted. Whilst we may have stopped police beatings since the very public exposure of the Birmingham 6 case, we’ve clearly shifted the police beating tactics to a more subtle ‘character beating’ tactic via inaccurate media leaks. We must stop police investigating their own. We must stop courts defaulting without question, to the police version of events. So many lies, and not one successfull prosecution of a police officer in so many years? So many deaths? M’lud, you must be having a laugh. Or should that read, M’lud, you must be receiving a knighthood……

  20. 5,000?! Surely not. I assume it’s a typing error. Totally agree with your general point……….
    Jean Charles de Menezes………

    1. Sadly I rounded down not up. Stats for the years 2000 to 2010, 5998 deaths in custody.
      Now of course this is all deaths in custody, but let me highlight the shocking stats behind this.  66% of all deaths were classified as natural causes.  90% of ‘natural causes’ deaths, were between the age of 16 and 50.   Where a death is classified as natural, no coroners inquest is required. 
       Call me simplistic, but I’ve lived in the same road for 30 years. There has never been any incident of ‘natural death’ to anyone under 50 in all those 30 years.  Secondly, as in the Ian Tomlinson case, the police post mortem determined Ian’s cause of death was ‘natural’. A heart attack. Only when video footage was unearthed was an independent pm ordered. Cause of death, internal abdominal bleeding from a trauma caused by a blunt instrument.  To date, the police pathologists have never explained nor been disciplined as to why they ignored obvious bruising and the blatant signs of internal bleeding.
      Secondly, the ipcc don’t count those that have died ‘prior to being formally arrested’ in their statistics of death in custody.
      And finally, what of the other 33% of ‘suspicious’ deaths in custody that do satisfy the demand for an inquest?  Well 25% of those take between 2 and 4 years for an inquest to happen.  In Roger Sylvesters case, it was 4 years, (and he still isnt counted in the stats as he wasnt formally arrested). But even after 2 years, why are we surprised that the police involved have ‘no recollection’? That criminal evidence that could have been gathered at the time is now irretrievably lost? That no ‘suspicious’ death in custody is treated as ‘criminal’ until after the findings of an inquest? Of course police must be treated as innocent until proven otherwise, but where one law sees ‘suspects’ out on bail, or held on remand, the ‘law’ applied in the same circumstances to police leaves them free from any such restrictions. 
      Allowing complete control of investigation from initial cause of death to statement and witness collation, to fall within the remit of a single tribalist organisation such as the police, and then to compound that by allowing them to investigate themselves (ipcc) in the cases of complaint, is utterly ridiculous.  Hillsborough IP is the first truly independent investigation in history. And wow, look at their findings. This must be the start of a truly independent complaints procedure, and for me, that starts with a truly independent pathologist pm from the outset.  

      I’m just up to the ‘gymnasium’ in the HIP report.  Volunteers desperately trying to triage casualties, whilst police are sitting around cataloging belongings and counting cash in tidy piles on side tables. Its sickening.

      1. I’m astonished! Is it just me, or much like the figures for the number of people killed and crippled on our roads each and every year, the mainstream media rarely – if ever – mentions them – ie the PTB (Powers That Be) would rather they were not brought to the attention of us proles. Yes, and usually the lies and/or smears get much more prominence than the truth if and when it is finally revealed……..And I can’t help wondering about these topless photos! How convenient was THAT for the PTB re taking ‘Hillsboro’ off the front pages (of the Sunday tabloids)!

    2. I have to quickly issue a correction. I was wrong about no police ever being convicted. See link

      Munro was convicted this year and according to reports, was the first in police officer in British history. Sadly those of us living south of the border were not aware of this due to the utter lack of media coverage. In the interests of balance though it’s important I correct my earlier post. Draw your own conclusions as to why english press didn’t follow this story. Bit of an historic milestone in my book ……

  21. I had family living in Hillsborough and in the S Yorks police at the time of the tragedy. At that time I was told Duckenfield was an incompetent bully from almost the start of his career, not respected by those working under him. It was he who had made the mistake of opening the gate. He then froze as the disaster unfolded, then removed the videotape in the control room instead of directing the troops as it were, even as people were still dying in the chaos on the pitch. I haven’t read the report, so do not know if any or all of this is proved. I doubt he will ever be called to account. I begrudge every penny that as a taxpayer I pay for his generous pension because of his admitted lies about the gate being forced by fans, never mind the rest of the allegations. I was told he told another lie at one point, blaming the bobby who physically opened the gate, denying he issued the instruction, until faced with undeniable proof. Who knows. It won’t bring back all those poor poor people.

  22. Why do the government and the powers that be display such shock and surprise that the police could cover up by falsifying statements. All police forces are guilty of ignoring the truth. It means nothing to them. Through time immemorial they have lied through their teeth with impunity because they know the government and the courts always back them up. South Yorkshire Police decided, ” lets do it again “, “we always get away with it “and the lying toads have, for 23 years.

    Hillsborough is a lie too far.

    Could someone explain to me why Norman Bettison was ever allowed to take up the position of Chief Constable of Liverpool after Hillsborough. Surely Liverpool City Council had some say in the matter or did they secretly believe the police as well?

    God help the innocents that were killed and their grieving families who have had to endure this grotesque demonstration of state secrecy and lies which tried to besmirch the characters of ordinary everyday people who only wanted the truth.


    “I am asking you publicly to exonerate the fans for the overcrowding in Pens 3 and 4 which caused 95 deaths?

    – A. Yes, I publicly apologise sir for the inference that people caused those deaths.”

    Sounds like a pretty public apology to me. And given 22 years ago.

    David Duckenfield is an incompetent coward who almost certainly lied (or at the very least, didn’t tell the whole truth) in the hours immediately following the disaster. It seems clear to me that he did this because he was slowly realising that his (well-meaning) blunder had resulted in a catastrophic tragedy and loss of life. It was a shameful attempt to deflect blame, but he soon realised that he would have to own up, which he did.

    Would any of us have behaved differently in those first few hours? We would like to think so, but none of us have been in that situation.

    The man has apologised. The man is acutely aware that his (honest) mistake in not ordering the closing of the gates leading to the central pens has directly led to 96 deaths. I’m not particularly Christian, but if a man says he is profoundly sorry for what he has done, is it not Christian to forgive? He will no doubt take his mistakes to his grave.

    1. You sound just like some propagandist trying to manipulate people’s feelings by making them feel guilty for not forgiving Duckenfield. Just the sort of low-down dirty tactic that someone like Kelvin McKenzie would use!

    2. Steven, your post is seriously flawed on 2 points. Number one, you have chosen to revert to the Taylor Report findings, that in itself is unsafe as we have now been shown, 22 years later. If the Taylor report was accepted as an accurate portrayal of events, we wouldnt be having this discussion in 2012.
      And secondly, even if we accept DGD’s statement from the Taylor report (see my first point?) you have gone onto to cherry pick a very small segment of theDGD statement at that time to the Taylor enquiry. Ignoring the questioning that came before, sheds an utter different view on the statement you are defending. Lets see the previous question shall we; (Apologies for the poor formatting, its copied by character recognition from Stevens link)

      Q. “W e l l i n t h a t c a s e , t h i s i s my l a s t q u e s t i o n , s i n c e t h a t was n o t y o u r i n t e n t i o n , w o u ld you now t a k e t h e o p p o r t u n i t y o f p u b l i c l y e x o n e r a t i n g t h e f a n s ? –

      A. P u b l i c l y e x o n e r a t i n g t he L i v e r p o o l s u p p o r t e r s s i r ?

      Q. Y e s? –
      A. F o r what e x a c t l y ?

      Q. F o r t h e o v e r c r o wd i n g b e h i n d t h e g o a l a t the L e p p i n g s L a ne end w h i c h c a u s e d 95 d e a t h s ? –

      A. I am i n some d i f f i c u l t y w i t h t h a t a n s w e r, s i r . I w o u l d a p o l o g i s e f o r any i n f e r e n c e w i t h L i v e r p o o l s u p p o r t e r s as a
      w h o l e.

      Q. Mr. D u c k e n f i e l d , l e t me make i t p l a i n , I am s o r r y I h a ve
      o v e r r u n my two q u e s t i o n s , t h a t I am n o t a s k i n g y ou t o
      e x o n e r a t e t he b e h a v i o u r o f i s o l a t e d f a n s who c a u s ed d i s –
      o r d e r s o u t s i d e t h e g r o u nd e i t h e r t h r o u g h d r i n k o r f o r
      o t h e r r e a s o n s b e f o r e t h e m a t c h. I am a s k i n g you p u b l i c l y
      t o e x o n e r a t e t he f a n s f o r t h e o v e r c r o w d i n g i n Pens 3 and 4
      w h i c h c a u s e d 95 d e a t h s ? –

      A. Y e s , I p u b l i c l y a p o l o g i s e s i r f o r t h e i n f e r e n c e t h a t p e o p l e c a u s e d t h o s e d e a t h s .

      Steven, as you can see, the Taylor enquiry appear to have accepted that ‘fans caused disorders outside the ground either through drink or for other reasons…….” and merely asked an extremely begrudging DGD (who clearly couldn’t ‘understand’ why he needed to apologise), to exonerate the fans for the over crowding of pens 3 and 4.
      Do note that DGD finally, after initial objection, responds with an apology for an inference that ‘people’ caused the deaths. Not the word ‘fans’.
      This may imply that he begrudgingly was acknowledging the victims as ‘people’ therefore he was happy to acknowledge the victims weren’t responsible, (though he was a party to all the victims being tested for alcohol in their blood streams) but no where at all did he retract his claims that fans were drunk, violent, disorderly and a major cause to the chaos that followed. Indeed the whole point of the exercise was to re-iterate the story that drunken violent chaos caused and compounded a chain of events.

      We now know, that what you state as DGD’s “honest’ mistake, or “well-meaning” blunders, was in fact, the exact presentation of events decided in a meeting of the senior officers after the event, to collude in the cover up. You have merely fallen for what was agreed by police at the time to be the “facts” of the matter. Please read the HIP in full. DGD lied, continued to lie and conspired to apportion blame for 22 years. Damn right he owes an apology, but personally, I would be pressing for ‘perverting the course of justice’. His actions, AFTER the event, coldly thought out, have caused families and victims to wait 22 years to find out how their loved ones died.

      I’m a christian. Forgiveness can only happen when someone asks for it. We’re still waiting to be asked.

  24. One last note, just in case there is any misconception hanging over, and to avoid any further regurgitation of the original “facts” from the cover up being presented. Steven, you are aware that the the ‘crowd chaos’ outside the ground was caused by police failing to provide crowd control barriers previously used at Hillsborough to direct crowds in an orderly manner to the turnstiles? You are aware that ‘crowd chaos’ was caused by a significant number of fans being held at the train station for over half an hour by police, to then be funnelled down to the Leppings Lane end after 2:30? You are aware that Liverpool fans with tickets for the Kop end of the ground were refused access to get to the Kop end, and forced into the Leppings Lane end of the ground thus adding to the numbers? You are aware that that initial crush outside the ground at the turnstiles caused panic and fear? It is absolutely clear, that Liverpool fans had no where to go, were refused access to any other area, and were directed by police into the Leppings Lane ‘courtyard’. Once in the courtyard, and with thousands being ushered in behind them, they had no where to go and the turnstiles couldnt cope with the numbers. Not one of these events was caused by drink or violence. The frustration that DGD may be treated with sympathy as making ‘human’ errors on that day fills me with dread. What human error caused the instruction of officers to question families of the victims about alcohol consumption within minutes of identifying bodies? (A line of ‘defence’ continued at the coroners inquest even relating to a ten year old) What human error saw cctv tapes be destroyed within minutes? What human error saw the police federation and Graham Kelley be briefed on ‘urinating’ and pick pocketing’ fans? None of this was a ‘spur of the moment blunder’. It was quite clearly very well thought out! It worked for 22 years for heavens sake! Lets not even attempt to revert back there.

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