I’m looking for Leppings Lane resident’s c.1989

So many people I have spoken to about the Hillsborough disaster mention how fantastic the people of Sheffield were in the immediate aftermath of the disaster, especially the residents of Leppings Lane who opened their doors and offered cups of tea and the use of their phones.

When you think about it the police lies and the cover-up of Hillsborough couldn’t have happened with today’s mobile phone technology, as video footage and pictures would be all over the internet within minutes, but in those days nobody had a mobile phone and it can’t be overestimated how important their generosity of spirit was in those dark, dark hours after the disaster. Frantic friends and relatives needed to hear their loved ones voices so much, and without the people of Sheffield opening up their homes, many wouldn’t have had the chance.

I would therefore really like to include the recollections, and to thanks them within the documentary. It’s one of the only bright spots in an otherwise horrendous day.

If anybody lived on Leppings Lane at that time, or knows anybody that did, I would be very grateful if you could email mike_nicholson@hotmail.co.uk

Here are a few clips of Liverpool fans on the ‘generosity of spirit’ shown by the Sheffield people that day.

Steve Rotheram MP:

Pete Carney:

Thanks in advance for your help.

One thought on “I’m looking for Leppings Lane resident’s c.1989

  1. I was at Hillsboro for the semi final In 81. Luckily for me my leg was in plaster and I was in the seats above. That day people were getting hurt, how 8 years later it was allowed to happen again I’ll never know. Perhaps at that time fans were getting accustomed to being treated like shite?

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